Using Webquests in the Classroom

Using webquests in the classroom is something that appeals to me as a student-centred learning approach. The marketing course I teach is heavily based in theory, and I am always looking for creative and dynamic ways to present materials and assignments. Creativity and technological knowledge are extremely important for marketers, and I believe that creative assignments will assist in stimulating creativity among students. I had already created what I called an “online scavenger hunt” on services marketing research to both help develop critical thinking skills, and to learn about services marketing research. The explanation was verbal, and the instructions and questions were in a Word.doc that was e-mailed to students. So, I was very interested to learn that there were online engines that assist in creating professional-looking online webquests; the one I was introduced to last week is

Many webquests are made public, and people are encouraged to used existing webquests as templates where you would adapt content to best fit your needs. I did a search of existing webquests, and found a really great marketing webquest on promoting an e-commerce website using either SEO or SEM. This is a resource I could use in my class without really doing very many changes. This particular example is quite detailed however, and I may need to create a reduced version in the interest of time.

As I mentioned, I would like to convert my current “online scavenger hunt” about marketing research to a webquest. I did a search, and found an interesting advertising marketing research webquest on, another resource engine for creating online webquests. I would like to use this existing webquest and adapt it, to shift the focus from advertising research to services marketing research. To do this, I would need to first compare my existing scavenger hunt to the existing online webquest. Secondly, I have never created a webquest before and am interested to learn about the back-end use. I would like to compare ease of use (back-end design) between and I am concerned for public ease of use, but I am more concerned about the back end because of the amount of time it will take to create a webquest and I do not want to abandon the project because I am frustrated with the technology. As I already have content for the quest, I think that I could enhance the user experience through use of photographs, which would require me to go out and take some pictures.

This is an endeavor I look forward to!


One thought on “Using Webquests in the Classroom

  1. Wow, that was great! You seem to have much more insight into this than myself. I like how you are already starting to use something like this and are thinking about adapting it to your needs. I do not know if it will work for me in those capacities but I will definitely try to consider this option and also your ideas.


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